A Picture Tells – Part 2

Monetary cost has little to do with the lasting value of a video game. There’s also a “value is in the journey, no the destination” moral to our fortuitous acquisition of Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing… Continue reading A Picture Tells – Part 2


Fathers’ Day Reflections – Fatherhood, Childhood and Video Games

Fathers’ Day is something of a double-edged sword these days. On the one hand I’ve discovered the inexpressible joy of being an almost-two-year-old’s favourite thing in the world. The way he enthuses “Daddy home!” and demands “Daddy uddle [cuddle]” with … Continue reading Fathers’ Day Reflections – Fatherhood, Childhood and Video Games

Rock N’ Roll Racing

If you somehow missed the heady days of 1990s console racing, then this one’s for you. It’s like the arcade is in your house, on your very own fun-sized CRT TV, and being enjoyed by you and your actually-there-in-person friends. Guaranteed lag-free voice chat with no headset required! Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment and MisspentYouth you can now experience all this for yourself… Continue reading Rock N’ Roll Racing

Variations On A Theme: Sim City

Sim City is a thinking game, but it is not demanding. It will encourage you to consider the workings of the world that exists outside of your screen with a more analytical mindset and an appreciation for reflection. It will reward inquisitiveness and innovation. It will demand patience and occasionally remind us that bad things sometimes happen but with preparation things should be OK in the long run. And it has a great soundtrack. Continue reading Variations On A Theme: Sim City