Well, That Was Unexpected… (E3)

I haven’t been zealously following the E3 gaming and technology extravaganza this year. I haven’t streamed any developer presentations, I don’t have an opinion on which VR platform is leading the pack, and I’m not particularly concerned about whether Microsoft or Sony ‘won’. Luckily the world decided to keep me informed via a hyperactive Flipboard feed, fellow WordPressers and even facebook, so despite putting in zero effort I’ve ended up with a raft of things to enthuse about. Here are a handful that really caught my eye… Continue reading Well, That Was Unexpected… (E3)


What Makes An Unbeatable Gaming Experience – Part 2.

…Given the general acclaim for Destiny’s gunplay and beauty, I am sure that it will be appearing on [Unbeatable Experience] lists just like these in which the author was waiting for the FPS that gave them just the right blend of shooting, looking classy and shooting some more. Continue reading What Makes An Unbeatable Gaming Experience – Part 2.