When You’re Right, You’re Right

This last seven days has seen my opinion of open world games take a serious torpedo to the stern. I’m now five hours into Monolith Production’s Middle-earth: Shadow Of Morder (PS4). On the face of it five hours doesn’t sound like much, but as it consists of eight or nine playing sessions this figure represents more initial attraction than that of any sandbox game that has come before it. Continue reading When You’re Right, You’re Right

The Social Benefits Of Gaming – Part 3

The greatest achievement of our Minecraft Club would be the bonds that have developed between the group members. It has been fantastic to see the students form friendships through the club.
Minecraft Club has also been valuable in identifying leadership ability in students. It is wonderful when students ‘step up’ and take on a leadership role in a build project. Many of these students have not had an opportunity to show their potential in other school based activities. Continue reading The Social Benefits Of Gaming – Part 3