Achievement Trophies Revisited

Back in August I was reflecting on the nature of achievement trophies in gaming and how they could be applied to real life. Here are the results a month-and-a-half on!



Back To Bass-ics. Just a week after the original post I got through my unlikely musical nemesis – Green Day’s Holiday – in a gig without stuffing up. ‘Bout time!

Fruit Ninja. After realising that weekends were the issue, eating fruit every day for a week proved worthy of its lowly Bronze rating.

Splatoon 2. Five days ago the little bundle of joy you see above came into the world. A day or two later I had once again proven my ability to change dirty nappies effectively. No leaks for this baby!


Overwatch. Parallel parking hasn’t proven to be the real issue here; parallel parking in minimal moves while under observation is what held the completion of this achievement up until this morning. I’m going to presume that the people loading shopping into their cars or pulling out of the opposite bays were using their peripheral vision to observe me parking like a pro. May not have been up to Blues Brothers standard, but it was a smooth move nonetheless.

~ GOLD ~

Home Stretch. Prepping for baby necessitated the transformation of our handy junk room into a functional nursery. 100% of boxes emptied with weeks to spare!


The Elder Scrolls. I had been holding off on changing phone handsets until completing the bible reading program that had been underway for just over two years. Good news!

There are still a few achievements that I’m content to see remain incomplete, including…

  • Family Planning and Slowbro (I’m back on Hearthstone, so sorry Pokemon Sun).
  • Call Of Duty and The Walking Dead (who needs healthy living?).
  • Need For Speed (turning the plan for a novel into more than a couple of chapters requires proper dedication and commitment… who knew?).

Trophy Earned

But now the baby awakes, and I have a suspicion that my nappy changing skills will be practised yet again. To misquote the comic book guy…

Nap time well spent!

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