A Picture Tells – Part 2

From the days when user manuals contained more than a link to the publisher’s support page! (Looking at you, For Honor…)

Game: Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing (SNES)

The Moment: We’ve been in our new house for six months now and still have about a dozen boxes of stuff to be emptied and sorted. There are books to be shelved, Christmas table dressings to be hidden away and everything you could possibly require to raise an infant should the need arise, which it should in about 4 months. And just yesterday, in a thrilling moment akin to finding a mysterious $20 note in your jeans pocket, a trio of SNES games including the classic you see above emerged from a box purportedly containing paperwork and stationery.

Who packed them? Why were they there? How many moves have they silently endured?

We may have to satisfy ourselves with never knowing the answers to these important questions.

My attention was immediately drawn to the ‘traded game’ sticker (circa 1996) having only recently reflected upon all the joyful family adventures we undertook in search of new titles to add to our growing SNES library. Needless to say, video store closing down sales held a special magic for me and occasionally yielded less common treasures such as Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing. You can read about why I believe this game deserves your attention here and even download it legally using the instructions therein (thanks Blizzard!).

The Upshot: Monetary cost has little to do with the lasting value of a video game. NBA Jam was probably the most expensive game my parents ever purchased at $139*, but it brought about countless hours of play time over many years. At $19, Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing represents a fraction of that cost, but sits nearly as high on the value for money chart. Another thing these games share is that they benefit from the local multiplayer experience that was common just before and after the turn of the century but has fallen out of favour with the rise of online connectivity in modern consoles. I’m sure there’s also a “value is in the journey, not the destination” moral to our fortuitous acquisition of Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing, but if you’ve checked out the first of the links above this won’t need any further exposition.


*I have a feeling that the toy shop stocking this last copy of NBA Jam in the city may have replaced the price tag when they knew Mum and Dad were on the way to pick it up. $139 was a huge amount of money for the 1990s! But thanks Mum.

Played it? I’d love to hear about the moments that resonated with you in the Comments!

2 thoughts on “A Picture Tells – Part 2

  1. So many good memories with the DK series looking back they were so ahead if there time, every release further pushing the limits of SNES, as well as NBA Jam I dare not say time wasted more of so much time enjoyed playing, great post indeed…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m with you on the DK series. The original DKC was always my favourite, but playing through them all these years later I appreciate the added depth and experimentation that went into 2 and 3. So much to like in visuals and soundtracks.

      Thanks for reading!


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