Game Complete: Fire Emblem Heroes

Today’s Game Complete entry is to be short and sweet; a welcome Coda bringing this spontaneous Fire Emblem Heroes journey to an end. The conclusions I came to after one week of play still stand following another dozen hours of gameplay, but for those in a hurry here’s the summary:

The collection and enhancement of heroes is Fire Emblem Heroes’ main drawcard, successfully pulling me back for “one more go” again and again despite the uninspiring combat and frugal reward systems. In this way FEH is like a portable, less satisfying reincarnation of the classic time-sink Civilization. Sadly for Nintendo’s coffers satisfaction comes before portability in my book. Now Civ on mobile… there’s something I could get dangerously addicted to.

Despite expanding my collection of powerful five star heroes from one to four since publishing the previous post, the motivation required to level them up through arduous repetitive battling has gradually evaporated. Having cleared all the available quests and eventually horded a sufficiently enormous pile of currency to upgrade one of my silver (four star) characters to gold (five star) status, it was disappointing to find that the long anticipated sense of achievement never materialised. It continued to elude me as I went about fully upgrading my castle and running the pseudo-PvP Arena mode. Every story mission has been cleared on Easy difficulty, and all but the finale on Hard. Given this surprising level of commitment I fully expected it to pain the completionist in me to tap ‘Uninstall’ without beating that last stage on Hard, but no, Fire Emblem Heroes has drained me of that kind of feeble emotional attachment.

Perhaps if the Fire Emblem series had a pre-existing place in my gaming life this release would be worth investing further time or finances into. In fact I’m sure that fans of the series will be happy to spend some real life cash to speed up the progression grind and take a lot of enjoyment in the collection aspect of the game. From now on however those brief minutes sitting in the car between jobs will go the way of Pokemon Sun for me. I really need to finish that one off before the Switch generation arrives…

In the same way that Julia’s foes fade into the ether, so Fire Emblem Heroes fades into the distant memory of my smartphone.

PRO TIP: I’d recommend fully upgrading your castle using that inconspicuous little button at the top right of your home screen once you’ve summoned enough silver heroes to clear the story missions and quests. Not only does is it refreshing to mix up the decor but the resulting 100% XP boost will make the grind for competitive viability a bit less of a drag further down the track.


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