A Picture Tells – Part 1


Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4)

Overview: This screenshot is taken from one of the greatest gaming experiences I’ve encountered since starting this blog two years ago. It caught my eye just now because the place where I am holidaying (Yallingup, in the oft’ sunny South-West of Western Australia) currently looks a lot like the pictured Fallow Mire. Spring is running late and the outside world is still swept with wind, rain and hail; so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised to open the door tomorrow morning and find myself recreating the sock-soaking scene above.

Despite the stormy real life connection, scenes such as this one from Dragon Age: Inquisition still fill me with pleasant recollections of discovering a fantasy realm as vast and beautiful as Skyrim, but with all the comforts of ‘next-gen’ console gameplay. Exploring each wondrous new area was a treat, resulting in consecutive play-throughs totaling somewhere around 180 hours. That’s top tier longevity in the context of my adult, time-restricted gaming life.

The Moment: It isn’t a tense boss fight or the unlocking of an impressive achievement trophy. What you see here is simply a noble dwarf taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of rain falling in a moonlit, ghoul infested marshland before he is undoubtedly brought to an early demise by forces of evil no mortal can hope to triumph over.

For more examples of the creative vision and polish evident throughout this epic game, check out this gallery post.

The Upshot: The Fallow Mire was only the third zone I had had the pleasure of exploring, but even at this early stage of the adventure the scope and intricate detail on display was amazing. The world that developers BioWare constructed is really the star of the Dragon Age: Inquisition show for me, and I can’t wait for the next installment.

Played it? I’d love to hear about the moments that resonated with you in the Comments!

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