Why Gaming Headphones Are Great

Wireless gaming headphones are great.

Like watching shows by Joss Whedon, eating kangaroo or having a dedicated hook to store your keys on, quality headphones belong in that special category of things that you don’t realise are great until you try them for yourself. I’ve used iPod-style headphones for years, but since picking this set up a year ago I’ve been won over again and again.

Turtle Beach Z300

The Wonders Of Wireless Connection

This is Percival Roger III, Destroyer Of Cables.

Shouldn’t have left that guitar lead lying around…

And this is Jemima, who just wants to see the world burn.


Between them and their rows of pointy teeth the audio, data and power cable population of our household has been kept in check since about 2009. Given this, I felt it was worth the financial investment to delve once more into the wireless world, and the Z300s have indeed been a gaming revelation. In addition to relatively even tonal characteristics (the low end is strong, but not disproportionately so) and a surprisingly high capacity battery, the only cabling the cats ever have access to is the el-cheapo USB used when charging. The wireless connection is crystal clear and unlike the only other set of wireless headphones I ever purchased (circa 2003), you don’t need to maintain line-of-sight to avoid being deafened by static noise. Having employed the Z300s with PC almost exclusively throughout this year, I thought I’d get really crazy and try them in wireless mode with the PS4 just a few days ago. Plug and play, baby! It felt like Christmas…

Bluetooth that works!

Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory once said that Bluetooth makes everything better, and having experienced the joy of shooting things in Destiny accompanied by a streamed soundtrack I would have to agree. I realise that it takes two to Bluetooth, but pairing the phone and headphones is always a gleefully hassle-free affair. I just wish I’d thought to make the most of this feature earlier. I also realise that the Playstation 4 now features a Spotify app to cater for this musical whim without the necessity of Bluetooth, but we’ll stick with Sheldon on this one.

Comfort, Colour, & Cost

According to the research I did before throwing my hard-earned cash at Turtle Beach, ear temperature is a big consideration when it comes to closed-in headphones. I’m happy to report that overheating has never been an issue for me when using the Z300s, which is good because ear sweat never pleasant.

Clearly the appearance of gaming gear is a subjective matter, but I’m a fan of the more understated look Turtle Beach have gone with here. Compared to some of the radioactive green and orange gear available, black with a bit of red trimming is positively restrained.

The icing on the cake was that the Z300s were relatively cheap as far as wireless gaming headphones go.

I don’t intend for this post to be a traditional review or an advertisement for the Z300. Rather it is a celebration of the wonders of modern technology and the way they enhance the experience of gaming and life by extension. Having said that, if you are in the market for wireless headphones I would happily recommend these and am sure you’ll get plenty of enjoyment out of the investment.





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