Five Seconds Of Explosive Awesomeness

This brief moment of rocket launching, lightning wielding destruction is the highlight of my Destiny competitive multiplayer experience so far. Certainly not a matter of great skill or planning, but entertaining nonetheless.

[2016 UPDATE]

Turns out that a single Sunbreaker’s hammer can yield Breaker medals just as effectively. If only opposing teams clumped together like this more than once a year!


2 thoughts on “Five Seconds Of Explosive Awesomeness

  1. Huh, that was nice! Apart from the number of people you killed, my story of being in Destiny is being killed every few seconds. Why is everyone too overpowered to compete with? -_-

    I like Destiny’s story missions, though.

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    1. Thanks for checking it out šŸ™‚ Most of my time is spent in the story missions too. I play PvP when the daily mode is a team-based one like Control or Clash, but even then I get the feeling that a lot of the players spend WAY more time in The Crucible practising and learning the maps. My indicator of success is not being the lowest scorer on the team and as I play more and collect better PvP gear like the rocket launcher in this clip it’s becoming more attainable. Even with the occasional moment like this one it would take many, many hours for me to become truly competitive. That’s ok though…


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