Online Therapy

3rd April, 2015

This is hard to admit, and I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, but Hearthstone and I might be in trouble. We’ve always been a strong couple and I for one was sure we would go the distance. Lately though I’ve found myself looking for fulfillment elsewhere. There was that one night stand with Trials Frontier a couple of months ago, and over the last week or so I’ve been seeing Spirit Lords daily. Like multiple times daily. I never intended for anything to happen, but since we met it’s been non-stop level-grinding and while I know I should stop I just can’t help going back one more time. Hearthstone knew about the stolen hours over at the PS4 and on the PC, but bringing the others back to our iPad was the deal breaker.

I guess it comes down to the lure of something different; something new and exciting…

10th April, 2015

I think Beyonce was right when she told us to ‘put a ring on it’. Hearthstone has been right there all along, wanting and waiting for me to really commit. She’s grown in that time too, and… well, I haven’t grown with her. Or at least not in the same direction. You know how well we started out! Conditions were perfect and I’d never known anyone quite like her. She was flawless; somehow beautifully refined and infinitely complex at the same time. We were made for each other and hit it off instantly. The sunny days rolled on and I came to know her in so many ways as if we shared some gift of arcane intellect or bond, though few words were ever spoken aloud…

17th April, 2015

Things change as relationships develop – I get that. Within our cherished familiarity there was always that competitive back and forth; that moment of challenge from which one of us would emerge the victor and the other would offer a slight incline of the head and raised brow as if to say “well played”. Now things are strained and our shot at happiness might already have been and gone. I still go back to her most days but she can tell it’s with a heavier heart and little expectation. Call me cynical but I don’t think she actually feels anything… maybe never did!

With hindsight it’s clear that the chance was there for me to go the extra mile and make things work between us. I should have given more of my time (not enough gaming – oh, the irony), my plans and indeed my finances. Had I listened to Beyonce when I had the chance perhaps I wouldn’t be here now.

April 24th, 2015

Did I tell you that Spirit Lords wants an MMOpen relationship?


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